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University of the Philippines, Oblation

The Journey Towards Excellence

As the country’s National University, the University of the Philippines is mandated to maintain and enhance academic excellence, lead in setting academic standards, and initiate innovations in the performance of its functions in teaching, research, creative work, administration, and public services. In maintaining such, its degree program offerings and support services must be quality assured. 

The University is called to action to demonstrate and participate in various assessment procedures to gather up-to-date baseline data and to help units plan more effectively to improve their academic performance and operational efficiency.

QAO News and Updates

Stay informed with the latest news and updates from the QAO Office of Quality Assurance, including updates on events, initiatives, and achievements.

QAO Vision

  • The UP Diliman Quality Assurance Office takes the lead in the implementation of an innovative and sustainable quality management system by 2030.

QAO Mission

  • The Quality Assurance Office shall:

ANCHOR academic and administrative excellence standards of performance on global quality assurance practices.

MONITOR AND EVALUATE academic programs and administrative support services in pursuit of continuous improvement.

PROMOTE quality assurance programs through capacity building initiatives and external engagements.

IMPLEMENT quality assurance policies, systems and procedures towards operational efficiency and effectiveness.

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University of the Philippines, Quality Assurance Office