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Quality Assurance



The Journey Towards Excellence

Beyond Expectations: Empowering Excellence Through Our Quality Assurance Office

     The University of the Philippines (UP), the nation’s National University, is committed to preserving and advancing academic quality across a range of disciplines. In order to do this, UP maintains high standards, pioneers innovation, and upholds quality control in both its degree program and support services. 

  In keeping with the pledge, the UP Academic Assessment and Development Systems (AADS) was institutionalized in 2018 to offer a system-wide method to ensure that each academic program and its delivery units satisfy the evolving criteria of academic excellence. The AADO was given the responsibility to: Lead in setting academic and administrative standards in relation to Quality Assurance (QA);


Our Newest For you

QAO Vision

The UP Diliman Quality Assurance Office takes the lead in the implementation of an innovative and sustainable quality management system by 2030.

QAO Mission

The Quality Assurance Office shall:


Academic and administrative excellence standards of performance on global quality assurance practices.


academic programs and administrative support services in pursuit of continuous improvement.


Quality assurance programs through capacity building initiatives and external engagements.


Quality assurance policies, systems and procedures towards operational efficiency and effectiveness.

UPD QAO Citizen's Charter

The UP Diliman Quality Assurance Office Citizen’s Charter, is a pivotal document embodying the university’s commitment to service excellence and continual improvement. Rooted in the goal of enhancing the overall quality of education and programs. 

By adhering to this charter, the Quality Assurance Office aspires to be a beacon of positive change within the university.