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As the country’s National University, the University of the Philippines is mandated to maintain and enhance academic excellence, lead in setting academic standards, and initiate innovations in the performance of its functions in teaching, research, creative work, administrative and public services. In maintaining such, it is important that its degree program offerings and support services are quality assured. The University is called to action to demonstrate and participate in various assessment procedures with the objective to gather up-to-date baseline data and to help units plan more effectively to improve their academic performance and operational efficiency.

The UP Board of Regents, in its 1340th meeting on 30 December 2018, approved the institutionalization of the UP Academic Assessment and Development System (AADS), a system-wide mechanism that assures the Filipino public as well as national and international stakeholders that UP programs and delivering units meet standards of academic excellence as currently defined within the changing context of local, national, regional and global developments that have had profound impact on universities worldwide. The institutionalization of the UP AADS provides the University with a formal Quality Assurance System. Through this, UP, as the National University, will continue to deserve the status of an autonomous institution and also provide a QA System model for other SUCs.

In 2019, UP Diliman established its QA Committee naming it Sustained Academic Excellence (SAE) Committee mandated to review policies related to assessment and monitor degree-granting units in accomplishing the Self-Assessment Report (SAR) and the Internal Academic Assessment and Development System (iAADS). SAE Committee has been renamed to Academic Assessment and Development (AAD) Committee on 30 July 2020 upon the approval of the BOR for the creation of the UP Diliman AAD Office.

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