What is Academic Program Improvement

     The Academic Program Improvement Fund is utilized for the development of academic programs of the University of the Philippines, with the ultimate goal of strengthening the link and integration of education, research, and creative work, and public service that will allow UP to create a greater impact while maintaining its status as the national university that sets standards of academic excellence. 

API Annual Report

FY 2021

API Funds are part of the General Appropriations Act (GAA) provided by the government to the University for the year and are alloted only for Maintenance and Operating Expenses (MOOE). 

As such, personnel expenses (PS; honoraria, salaries, etc.) and equipment outlay (EO )/ capital outlay (CO) expenditures cannot be charged to the API funds. 



  • The documents may be drafted beforehand, but the effective data of hiring should be after the dissemination of the blanket moratorium. Retroactive processing of salaries before the approval of the moratorium is not allowed.
  • For procurement of equipment and supplies amounting to less that Php 50, 000.00, budget clearance and approval will be done through Budget Utilization and Liquidation System Analytics (BULSA)
  • For procurement of equipment and supplies purchases amounting to Php 50,000.00 and above must go through the UPPO Dashboard
  • For further requests on Procurement, please call local 4056. To request an account in the UPPO Dashboard, please send inquiry to 
  • If the attachments of the DV are complete, the pre-audit process will take approximately three to five (3-5) working days before being transmitted to the Diliman Accounting Office (DAO) of the Diliman Budget Office (DBO). You may track the progress through the DRS. 
  • For a refresher on attachments, you may access the UP DAO handbok here.
  • Once DVs are transmitted to the DAO/DBO, track them through the DV Tracking Portal
  • The easiest answer is NO. 
  • Per DAO/COA rules, Cash Advance is only applicable to purchase of supplies and other incidental expenses. 
    • To confirm of the planned payment/purchase can be processed through cash advance, please call the DAO through local 2674 (pre-audit) and 2754 (bookkeeping)
  • Per  COA rules, Certificate of Expenses NOt Requiring Receipts (CENRR) should he used for expenses less that Php 300.00 that do not require official receipts except for Public Utility Vehicles (PUVs) that issue receipts (bus, train, vessel/ship, etc).
  • Meanwhile, Reimbursement Expense Receipts (RER) should be used for expenses worth Php 300.00 or more (but not more than Php 1,000.00) where the payee is not a business entity required by the BIR to issue receipts. 
  • Project Proposals for API 2023 will be accepted starting September 1, 2022. 
  • You may submit your proposals through this link
  • The Project Leader and one of the project staff will sign the Contract of Service. JobOrders (JO)will need the approval and signature of UPD QAO Drictor,Dr. Aura C. Matias. For sample COS and JO templates, please visit this link. 
  • Please visit this link and input your inquiry in the form provided. 

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